To be seventy years young is sometimes far more cheerful and hopeful than to be forty years old

Oliver Wendall Holmes

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Patient Registration Form

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    To assist Dr Morgan, could you please complete the following questions?
    This information is necessary to ensure quality care and treatment.
    Do you or have you ever suffered with (PLEASE TICK)
  • Heart problems Heart surgery Circulation problems History of bleeding Blood pressure
  • Breathing difficulties Headaches or migraines Epilepsy, fits or seizures Thyroid problems
  • Heartburn/reflux/indigestion/ulcers Bladder or kidney problems Bowel problems
  • Liver problems / Hepatitis (A, B or C) HIV / AIDS
  • Stroke

  • Diabetes

    Type 1 Type 2 Unsure
  • Managed by

    Insulin Diet Tablets
  • Cancer

  • MEDICATIONS (prescribed / over the counter/ health supplements)

  • Have you taken recently

    Blood thinning medication Warfarin Arthritis medication Steroids or cortisone
  • ALLERGIES (Please list any allergies to medications, food, rubber, etc)

  • Have you ever been hospitalised?

    Yes No

  • Payment is preferred on the day of consultation. However, ACCOUNTS that are outstanding OVER 7 DAYS, an accounting fee of 30% of total account outstanding will be incurred, unless a prior arrangement has been made in writing. I understand and agree to these account procedures.

    I DO / consent to the disclosure of information to allied health personnel (GP, Physiotherapist, etc) for the primary purpose of ongoing health care and treatment. ALL DETAILS PROVIDED ARE PROTECTED BY THE PRIVACY ACT AND OUR PRIVACY POLICY IS DISPLAYED FOR YOUR INFORMATION. *
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